UAF Philosophy

UAF Music Management is a team of passionate music industry experts working with and alongside incredible talent. What drives us is our desire to create and promote great music – with people who share our vision.

We feel that some of the key elements of successful cooperation such as mutual respect and a friendly spirit are often neglected in the highly competitive music industry. So we thought it’s time for a different approach. We are passionate about music, but we are also passionate about building relationships with people who make music happen. Our goal is to keep their minds positive and free for what really counts at the end of the day: The creative output.

UAF Management

UAF Music Headquarters is situated in Vienna and has a subsidiary office in London. In order to assure equally high standards across borders, we have developed our very own, tailor-made management and quality assurance system that reflects the specific needs of our clients and the demands of the markets we work in.

The UAF Music Management System was created in close cooperation with ISO-certified quality management experts and is based on standardised processes that ensure maximum efficiency, effectivness and transparency. Furthermore, we ensured the system to remain flexible, allowing us to constantly adapt to an ever more dynamic and fast changing environment. We take pride in involving our artists and managers in our continuous effort to evaluate and optimise our processes, so we can create personalised, tailor-made solutions for each of our clients.

UAF Team

UAF Music Management would certainly not exist without our team of highly qualified and experienced managers. All our UAF Music Managers have previously worked for leading music companies and corporations.

Our vast experience has taught us everything about this volatile market, about management techniques, processes and an overall professional attitude. What it has also taught us is that money shouldn’t rule everything. Because what makes careers really worth working for is doing it with people you appreciate and respect. And with people who appreciate and respect you the same way.

„I founded this company to emphasis that there is an alternate, honest and transparent way of working within the music industry – with clients who are friends and with whom we share a dream with…“

DI Christian Lakatos, Founder and Director UAF Music